Responding to Inspiration

Like most people who engage in some form of social media, I see things posted/written that I disagree with occasionally.  Which is great, but one of the more irritating types of posts are the quick’n dirty quote platitudes that crop up.  First and foremost, I disagree with the sheer practice of utilizing hundreds of kilobytes of data to communicate between 10 and 500 bytes of actual data.  But that’s fine – I’ll roll with it.

I admit that I enjoy mashing a memetic response to such inspirational platitudes, and I tend to have fun doing it with inspirational quotes of a religious nature.


See..there you go, kid.


First Post

Deepak’s duct tape comes from a post I had made over at WWGHA, as an opposing rule-of-thumb to Occam’s razor. I giggled like an idiot at myself for far longer than a sane entity should after typing that, so I figured it was appropriate to use as a blog title.

As I have not determined a specific purpose and/or theme for this site yet, I may as well make the first post an attempt at a formalized description of what Deepak’s duct tape is.

Amongst hypotheses that one desires to be correct, add woo around it by introducing vague, nebulous, profound words into the claims of the hypotheses until they become unfalsifiable.

For anyone (that isn’t a robot) that happens to read this post, feel free to comment with suggestions. Alternatively, if you have no suggestions to provide, please post a unique and scathing insult towards me.